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Spray polyurea elastomer (SPUA) waterproofing coating
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Spray polyurea elastomer (SPUA) waterproofing coating

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▲In 2008, the company co-developed one new green coating material and its application technique with Haohua Group China Marine Research Institute of chemical industry which belongs to the Ministry of Chemical Industry .

▲ Spray polyurea elastomer technology (referred to SPUA) is a new type of "universal" green coating technology

▲ It combined perfectly new technologies, new materials and new technology, and was regarded as one revolutionary leap in traditional construction techniques.

▲ The appearance of SPUA completely broke the traditional notion of anti-corrosion and waterproof, and has set up one higher standard for material protection industry, and provided a set of system solution for waterproofing, anti-corrosion and protection.
Product Characters:

★100% solid contents; environment protection for containing no plasticizer or organ VOC; 
★Good reactivity, fast curing,5~10 seconds to solidify and 10 min to reach walk strength Strong adhesion;
★Excellent adhesion to all substrate materials (including metal, concretes, foams and etc)
★Abrasion resistance:ten times of the abrasion resistance of carbon steel
★Chemical resistance: anti-corrosion again most chemicals
★Freeze-thaw resistance: good properties under -50oC~120oC ; modified material can be long-term used under 180oC.
★Weather resistance: excellent resistance to ultraviolet and different kinds of high energy radiations; no chalking, cracking, or sloughing after being used outdoors for long time
★Impact resistance: The stiffness can vary from Shore A30 (rubber) to Shore A80(hard elastomer), capable of absorbing a large quantity of impacting kinetic energy when it was impacted.
★Root resistance: The system is compact and seamless and can prevent the natural plant rooting systems from extending through the coating layer
★Skid resistance: With an effect of matt pitted surface, it is excellent in skid resistance
★Moisture penetrability: The system is moisture penetrable, which prevents moisture condensation on substrate surface.

SPUA System Application

1.Anti-corrosion and thermal insulation system

2.SPUA Industrial Floor and Stadium System

3.SPUA Waterproofing & Protection System

4.SPUA Wear-resistant System

5.SPUA System for Marine Facilities

6.SPUA System for Surface Treatment

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