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SBS modified bitumen waterproofing membrane
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SBS modified bitumen waterproofing membrane

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▲SBS modified bitumen waterproofing membrane based on SBS rubber modified bitumen as invading stain coating, took polyester non-woven fabric, yellow linen, glass fiber mat as base respectively, took plastic film as anti-adhesive separation layer, are processed through the procedures of selection, mixing ingredients, melting, impregnating, compounding, coiling and etc.

▲SBS modified bitumen waterproof membrane has good resistance to high temperature,and can use at the temperature ranged from -25 °C to + 100 °C . And it has good flexibility, good resistance to fatigue, high elongation rate of 1500% , strong puncture and tear resistance.

▲Suitable for waterproof projects in cold areas,or projects which has large deformation and vibrations.
Product Advantages:

★Good flexibility at low temperature; no crack under -25 ℃; high heat resistance; no flowing under 90 ℃.
★Good extended performance; long service life; easy for construction; little environmental pollution and so on.
★Applied to Grade Ⅰ and Grade Ⅱ waterproof projects especially suitable for low temperature and structural deformation and frequent architectural waterproof engineering in cold regions.


Widely used in the waterproofing or damp-proofing for industrial and civil constructions,such as roof, basement, bathroom, roof gardens, roads, bridges, tunnels, parking, swimming pool.


1.Avoiding sunlight or rain, the material should be stored under dry and ventilated condition. Storage temperature shall be no less than its corresponding test temperature and no higher than 50oC. No more than two layers for vertical storage.

2.The sheet must be put vertically and not more than two layer for transportation. Prevent the sheets from inclining or horizontal pressing, and cover them if necessary.

3.Storage period is one year from the date of production under normal conditions of storage and transportation.

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