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Polyurethane waterproofing coating
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Polyurethane waterproofing coating

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▲Single component polyurethane polymer waterproofing coating, a reaction-type moisture-triggered curable membrane, taking Isocyanate and Polyether as main material,together with mixed potential solid agents, plasticizer and other additives, is produced through high-temperature dehydration and polymerization with special technique. When coating on waterproofing substrates, NCO-terminal in prepolymer undergoes chemical reaction with moisture in the air and forms one layer of seamless,soft and durable rubber waterproofing membrane.

▲ component polyurethane polymer waterproofing coating belonging to double components reaction-type curing waterproofing material, consists of component A, isocyanate-terminated prepolymer made from polyether and isocyanate, and component B,colored liquid mixed by plasticizer, stabilizer, thickener, coagulant and filled agents. When coated on the substrate surface
Product introduction:

★Easily coated when needed– no tripping required. Without moisture content request, coating can be done on wet substrate surface or under condition of much moisture.
★High tensile strength, high elongation, good flexibility , good resistance to high and low temperature, good adaptability to shrinkage, cracking and deformation of substrates.
★Seamless and perfect waterproofing layer formed after 2-component polyurethane coating cured to improve leakage-resistance of the projects.
★High bonding strength with substrates.
★1-3mm thickness for one-time coating. Dense coating layer, no pins, no bubbles.
★Good adhesion, suitable for all kinds of substrate without need of primer coating.
★Root resistant, suitable for green roofs.
★Color adjustable to meet humanity requirements of different customers.


Applicable to waterproofing projects for floor, basement, washing room, bathing room, swimming pools and esp. for parts with complicated shapes and many pipes.

Technical Parameters


1.Substrate should be solid, flat and free of raffle. Outside corner and internal corner should be circular arc. Diameter should be more than 50mm for outside corner while 10mm for internal corner. (Coating amount: according to coating area; Mix evenly before use; Amount for reference: about 1.3 ~1.5 kg/㎡ for 1mm thickness coating)

2. Large area of waterproofing: Coat the mixer evenly with rubber or plastic scraper with uniform thickness of 1.5mm~2.0mm at 3 ~ 4 time. Next coating should be vertically done after the first coating is cured. As for underground projects, one layer of reinforcement material should be added.

3. Coating thickness: 1.2 to 2.0 mm for underground, no less than 1.5mm for toilet and bathroom, and 1.5mm in general; For multi-layer of waterproofing for exposed roofs, each layer thickness should be no less than 1.2mm; In grade III roof waterproofing, each layer thickness should be no less than 2 mm. If need adding reinforced material between coating layers, bottom coating thickness should be no less than 1.0mm and top coating thickness should be no less than 0.5 mm.

4. Decorative coating: Spread clean sand on the surface prior to the curing of last coating.

5. Protection layer: Surface protection for coated waterproof layer should be done according to the design requirements.

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