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PVC waterproofing membrane
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PVC waterproofing membrane

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▲H type (homogeneous):Good plasticity, and suitable for detailing treatment.

▲L type (backed with fabric): with single compound polyester fabric, more safe combination with substrate ; mainly suitable for exposed roofs, accessible roofs (utility decks), underground projects, etc.

▲ P type (internally reinforced with fabric): High tensile strength, excellent mechanical properties. Mainly for exposed mechanically fastened roofs with single waterproofing layer, etc.

▲G type (internally reinforced with glass fibers): Excellent dimensional stability and root resistance; mainly suitable for exposed roofs, loosely laid protection roof system, green roofs, accessible roofs( utility decks), etc.

▲GL type (internally reinforced with glass fibers and backed with fabric): good combination of P type and G type,; has safer and stronger combination with substrate, and better dimensional stability.
Products Advantages:

★ Long service life: More than 30 years for roof projects and  50 years for underground leakage-proof projects.
★ Outstanding weathering resistance including UV irradiation. Our company has the longest use record for roof projects in China: 18-year. 
★ Excellent weldability: strong and liable integrated welding seams with hot-air welding.
★ Good flexibility in cold temperature: no crack at -35oC.
★ Old roof repairments: easy and convenient , low costs.
★ Excellent root resistance and ideal selection for green roofs.
★ PVC membrane internally reinforced with fabric:Good impact/puncture resistance, loading resistance and has good mechanical properties; suitable for exposed mechanical fastened roof systems, etc.
★ PVC membrane internally reinforced with glass fibers: Good dimensional stability; suitable for exposed full adhered roof system, loosely laid roof system, garage deck projects, etc.


Exposed roofs, lightweight metal deck structure roofs, green roofs, accessible roofs (utility decks), old roof re-roof, underground garage, metro, tunnel, etc.

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