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Qingdao Liuting Airport
Qingdao Railway Station(Olympic event)
High-rise residential buildings of Jinan Military District
Mingzhu New Era Square
Zibo Sliver Plaza
Tai’an Era Square
Jinan Sliver Digital Plaza
Underground garage project of Shandong Provincial Sport Center (Luneng Taishan Square)--supported project for 2004-year Asian Cup
Underground square of Ningbo Railway Station
No. 2 Jinan Workers' Cultural Palace Square
Jinan Luxin Pearl Square
Binhai Station of Tianjin Transportation Center
Zouping Trasportation Building
Jinan Civi Defense Shopping Center Jingshiyi Road
Comprehensive outpatient building of No. 3 Xingtai Hospital
Eastern hospital of Shandong Provincial Hospital
No. 4 Jinan People’s Hospital
Liaocheng People’s Hospital
Qilu Children’s Hospital
Comprehensive outpatient building of
Pingyin People’s Hospital
Medical Tech comprehensive outpatient
building of Pingyin Chinese Medicine Hospital
Beijing Sun Xincheng District
Jinan Youth Palace
Shandong Weihai Airport
Underground garage of Zhengzhou Golden Era residential District
No.905 Shandong Civil Defense Engineering
Agricultural Institute of Shandong Province
Wartime Headquarter of Jinan Civil Defense Engineering (0607)
Yinhai Garden District of Rushan
Rushan Development Zone Building
Industrial Zone of Weihai Red Collar Group
Public housing of Jinan Hi-tech Zone
Civil defense project of Jinan Jingsi Road
Royal Gardens District of Zibo Luxin
Shandong University of Science and Technology (Qingdao Campus)
Jinan Seafood Center (world)

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